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Error message "You have been disconnected. Please Check your internet connection", for 2 hours now - this after over an hour of 502 & 504 Gateway errors (their server down or has issues).

The Help forum claims load issues are due to a recent Flashplayer update (that affects no other games). Trying 'Contact Us' returns you to the forum, where you have to dig and slog to finally make a post; attempts to Post get the circle of death. No recent post from Customer Support on the matter.

Their Facebook page does not allow posts, and IM's are ignored. Note the time in the photo is 5:36 PM - this started around 2:30.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Here is an update:

I eventually received an email from Plinga support. The contact email they furnished is:

Here is the content of a second email, after I asked if we would be compensated for lost resources:

"Dear user,

yes you will get a compensation we are still in negoiations with the developers about the amount and type of compensation.

If you have any further question feel free to contact us." The compensation is in the form of a treasure chest, not replacement of the lost resources. The main thing is the company DID respond; I do not know the outcome for those who lost real money due to the outage.

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